It’s time to…

Make an impact

Supercharge your confidence

Build relationships

Boost your career


Is this you?

You’re ready to take the next step in your career.

Do you need a boost to drive you forward?  Or a guiding hand to find the right path?

You’re always fighting and you’re exhausted or you feel that you are not being heard.

Do you need to establish whether to battle on or move on? Or discover tricks and tips to get you noticed for all the right reasons?

You’re capable of so much more but can’t make it happen.

Would you like an injection of confidence?  Help with achieving your personal and professional potential? Learn skills to become an integral team member?

Being successful should be easier…

What if you could…

… Take back control?

… Supercharge your confidence

… Banish the negative thoughts that stop you enjoying your life and business to the full?

… Tap into the power inside you?

What are you waiting for? It’s time to ACT

Craftport is different. As a successful, female, former CEO, I have a unique perspective and approach to building the confidence of women in male dominated industries.  I know from experience that by thinking AND acting differently, you can make REAL change happen for yourself, within your team and for your business.

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what people have said…

Cornelia truly understands that business can be tough and sometimes people just need someone who encourages them and gently points them in the right direction.

Dave Hadley, Photographer

Cornelia set me on a path of many soul searching tasks, to turn me around. Slowly, with her patience and guidance, she has shown me, in ways I couldn't have imagined, how to achieve my life goals.

Gary J. Fernandez, Founder & CEO Purple Pepperpot

We can now see where we need to focus our marketing so that we can grow our business.

Jane Pack, Partner VQTS